MamBate USA Inc brand AGPTEK product wireless d...
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  • Jimmy at
  • March 09, 2017

MamBate was born in 2005 on New York, it’s point on E-commercial market, which have sold to 30-40 country all around the world, they sell our wireless doorbell.

We get inquiry on February 18th, customer interested in our multifunction wireless doorbell, they found other customer sell our product very well on Amazon, they want to try it too, we introduce our product and service to customer,  because the product is multifunction and different than other product on market, we talked much about it, the second day, another colleague from customer connect me and talked many details, after a few days to talk, customer require sample to test.

After half month, customer decide to purchase door chime and make OEM,

Customer quality is our quality, customer business is our business.

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