Hofan Group Marsboy Brand wireless doorbell purchased f...
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  • Jimmy at
  • March 09, 2017

We had received a inquiry on November 17th morning, customer find our new wireless doorbell, customer like it very much and like our service.

We go to customer company to talk about wireless doorbell next day, customer want to make difference on doorbell with other customer, they want to change many details on product, and we think that was good suggestion because it’s considered for users, and we provide some ideas to customer, then we make a customize wireless doorbell.                        

After one week, we send door chime sample and sign contract with customer, customer test sample and the result is very nice, we register information on customer company system, and customer need some special certificate so they can sell on other country, we solved the certificate problem for customer.

Because of the difference on product with other company, Customer have a good sales on wireless door chime and order continuously, and make new style for this item, customer worked on E-commercial, they require delivery time very urgent, we prepare enough stock for customer, then we can make order flexible.

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